The care of the earth is our most ancient and most worthy and, after all, our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it, and to foster its renewal, is our only legitimate hope.
— Wendell Berry

Pastured Pigs 

We have fallen in love with pigs. They are smart, personable, and intriguing animals. Our affection for them means we are committed to the highest standards of ethical production and are always looking for creative ways to improve our approach to raising them. We keep our pigs on the freshest possible pasture throughout the growing season. In addition to forage, we feed only no-spray, no-corn, no-soy, non-GMO food sources to our hogs. 

We are also among the small group of people worldwide that breed Glouschestershire Old Spot pigs. This breed has been called the Orchard Pig, hence the orchard pasture systems we are establishing, and many believe it produces the creamiest pork of all the breeds. We agree. 

We sell our pork by the half and whole hog. 


Visit the blog of Out of Ashes farm. We post articles, videos, book reviews, and whatever else strikes us as helpful to people interested in regenerative farming generally, and what we do in particular. 

By far our most popular article is our piece about Small-Scale, Rotational Pig Raising. Not a bad one to start with. Or for something more humorous, read about what happens when one of the worlds smartest animals escapes



We strive to provide engaging, practical content on-site at our farmstead in Oregon City, Or. to help people grow in their homesteading skills. We teach classes that are both paradigm shifting, like our Permaculture Foundations class, and skills building, like our Rabbit Class. 

Classes are taught by people that are experienced and passionate about their area of expertise. We are increasing class offerings in 2018, so stay tuned.