Pork Shares


We want you to eat healthful, ethical, delicious pork at a reasonable price per pound. In order to make that possible we only sell pig shares direct to our customers, which reduces processing and retailing costs, giving savings to our customer and a higher gross profit to us. When you put a deposit on an animal early in the season (or set up monthly payment), you are helping pay to raise your own animal throughout the growing season. By purchasing a pork share from us, you can feel good about making an ethical decision that invests in the kind of localized food system the world desperately needs. 

We sell our pork shares by the half or whole hog. As a reference, we typically try to raise our hogs to 250+ pounds, which results in roughly a 160-200 pound carcass. The carcass weight is what we call hanging weight. You can expect your final cuts to amount to about 70% of the hanging weight.

The pork we buy at Out of Ashes Farms is by far the best we’ve ever tasted. Every single cut of meat has been juicy, sweet and delicious! It’s also great to know that this pork is raised in such a healthy, hormone-free environment. We literally can’t say enough about how wonderful this farm is and how excellent their pork is. We recommend them to everyone we know. Thanks Luke and Allison for all of your hard work and dedication.
— Cindy and Drew


Cost is $5.25 per pound hanging weight plus a slaughter fee of $30 per half. We require an up front deposit of $150 per half ($300 for a whole) to reserve your hog. (Pre-Payment plans can also be set up, more info in the FAQ’s below). Reservations are made toward the beginning of each year on a first come, first served basis. Slaughter happens in groups during the fall and early winter. Starting Feb 1st, we’ll be taking deposits for 2019, so you can fill out the order form below to reserve your share or be placed on the wait list, depending on availability. Returning customers will get priority, followed by the order in which inquiries were received. 

Cut and wrap costs are paid directly to the butcher. The butcher we have been using, Shy Ann Meats, is closed as of March 1st. We are in the process of taste testing, visiting facilities and vetting butchers to start a new relationship in 2019. We anticipate having this locked down by spring. The process with the new butcher will be very similar to what it is now. Prior to processing, we will provide our customers with instructions about how to work with the butcher to get your pork as you like it. Cut and wrap costs do fluctuate, but are around $.65 per pound plus additional costs for curing and smoking (hams, bacon, etc.). Once the butcher is chosen we’ll update this page. We recommend you visit and try out the products from the butcher prior to harvest.

Fill out the order form below to let us know you're interested in getting pork in 2019

We’ve had the pleasure of purchasing pork through Out of Ashes Farm the last two years. It’s always such a pleasure to work with Luke and Allison and the process is simple and straight forward. The quality of the Pork is unparalleled and we love being able to purchase locally from a farm with a conscience.
— Ashley and Tyler


Buying a half or whole animal can be intimidating the first time. Read this article for a brief overview of the process. We've also included our most frequently asked questions below: 

Do I need a lot of freezer space? 

Umm....yes. You do. A half hog takes up an entire vertical freezer in a standard freezer/fridge combo. If this is a barrier for you, let us know and we can talk you through it. Our first freezer was a chest freezer big enough for a whole hog that fit under the counter in our little townhouse in Portland, purchased for $50 on Craigslist. It's our belief that you will never, ever regret getting a larger freezer.

Can I have other parts of the pig? 

Yes! Often people want the fat, bones, organs, head or feet of the animal. You can indicate in that in the order form below. Some extras are picked up from the butcher (fat/bones) and some must be picked up from the farm on the day of slaughter. We do charge a flat rate of $25 additional for taking extras not received from the butcher (these parts of the animal are not included in the final weight).  

Can I pay ahead of time? 

Yes, you can pay in whatever sort of increments you like. We will work with you to set up a payment plan that meets your needs and invoice you on a pre-decided schedule.. Usually there is 6-10 months between the initial deposit and the harvest of the animal. The only requirements are that you pay the deposit and whatever the remainder is before you receive your pork. We allow pre-payment of up to $400 on a half hog and up to $900 on a whole hog. The final price is generally a little higher than that, but we've capped it there to avoid overpayment. 

Order Form

Fill out the form to reserve your pork share for fall 2019! We have increased our production again this year to meet demand, but demand is vigorous, so reserve your share today! 

Priority will be given to former customers, then the order in which inquiries are received. 

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