Pasture-Based Heritage Pigs


Pigs are incredible creatures. Modern farming has, sadly, put images in our mind of angry, smelly, stupid animals. In fact, they are either 2nd or 4th smartest animal on the planet, depending on which study you read. As with so many things, the problem with pigs is not the pigs, it's us.

It doesn't have to be this way, which is why we raise our animals in a Small Scale Pasture-Based High-Frequency Rotational System. If you are like me, and want to know what's really behind the words we use to describe things, you can also read about what we really mean when we say "Pasture-Based."  

Glouchestershire Old Spot


We are one of the world's few registered breeders of Glouchestershire Old Spot pigs (GOS for short). We fell in love with this breed first because of their incredibly docile and curious personalities, foraging abilities (hence the moniker, Orchard Pig) and unbelievable marbled meat. This is the preferred pork on the table of the British Royal Family. It has been described by Heritage Foods USA as the creamiest pork of all of the pig breeds. 

Our two GOS sows are Empress and Prudence, and they are gentle, curious, excellent pigs.

Elvis is our boar.

We also have a beautiful Large Black sow named Everleigh, so some of our pastured pigs are a cross between GOS and Large Black pigs.

You can read more about the history and Characteristics of Old Spots and Large Blacks at the Livestock Conservancy. 

Eat healthful, ethical delicious Pork

Our animals are raised with the highest standards of ethical treatment, management and feeding. We provide fresh forage to our pigs throughout the entire growing season, which contributes to the intramuscular marbling of the meat and the density of flavor and nutrition. Yes, pastured pigs are more nutritious, containing higher levels of Omega 3's, lower levels of bad cholesterol and higher levels of good. 

In addition to pasture forage, the pigs are fed Non-GMO, No-Corn, No-Soy, No-Spray food sources. We are moving our pigs throughout a carefully designed orchard-pasture system, which is in early stages of maturation. 

For pricing and to sign up for a pork share go to "pork shares."