Each of our classes are taught on site at the farmstead in Oregon City, Oregon by individuals that are passionate about their area of expertise and focused on empowering others to do what they do. They are designed to give you what you need to do more than you ever thought you could. 


Permaculture Foundations

This is our core Intro to Permaculture class. Through it you will learn the language of Permaculture, it's design characteristics, and be able to begin applying them to your context. We believe that significant change happens when the average person begins to understand and connect to life as a participant, producer and steward of creation rather than only a consumer of it's fruits. We want to help make that happen. Our classes are offered on-site so that you can see principles in action.


This workshop is a practical crash course in starting your own rabbitry to provide a nutritious and affordable meat source for your family or for profit. We will be covering everything you need to get started: suitable housing options for rabbits, pros and cons of different breeds, feeding and watering systems, basics of nutrition and breeding, and we will conclude the course with a hands on instruction on how to butcher fryer rabbits.

Clucks and Ducks 

This is an Advanced Introduction to keeping a small-scale poultry flock. We cover everything from breeds to housing, and feeding to harvesting eggs and meat. 

If you've been dreaming of backyard poultry, this class is for you.