Rabbits! : Raising, Housing and Processing

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"When my wife and I heard that Out of Ashes was hosting a class on raising rabbits for meat, we were immediately interested. We expected that, like all of their classes, it would give us both the principles and the hands-on experience we needed. We were not disappointed. After our hours in the classroom and guided practical experience with humane slaughter and processing, we feel ready to begin our own backyard rabbit-raising operation. (And we went home with fresh, responsible meat, too)!"
- Paul

This workshop is a practical crash course in starting your own rabbitry to provide a nutritious and affordable meat source for your family or for profit. We will be covering everything you need to get started: suitable housing options for rabbits, pros and cons of different breeds, feeding and watering systems, basics of nutrition and breeding, and we will conclude the course with a hands on instruction on how to butcher fryer rabbits.

The price of the course is $55, plus an additional $10 if you would like to take home a butchered rabbit to cook for your family. Those that do not wish to actually slaughter rabbits have no obligation to take part in this section of the course, or you are welcome to observe without being hands on.


$55 per person

$65 With Rabbit Processing

Nicholas and Julia are our friends from Dandelion Dreams Permaculture. They have extensive knowledge on lots of livestock and are going to share their expertise on rabbits with us!

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Sign up by e-mailing us to confirm your spot (or filling out the form below). Payment will be taken on the day of the class. Cash or check preference. Please let us know at least 24 hours in advance if you are unable to attend. No children or pets please. The farm is also a no-smoking zone. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your place in the class along with information specific to possible materials needed. Thanks for learning with us! 

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