Permaculture Foundations - TBD

This is our core Intro to Permaculture class. It covers 3 main areas of focus. We work to offer valuable content that is rich in both theory and practical application. We believe that significant change happens when the average person begins to understand and connect to life as a participant, producer and steward of creation rather than only a consumer of it's fruits. We want to help make that happen. Our classes are offered on-site so that you can see principles in action.

         Part 1: Designing Your Life (about 30% of Class Material) 

There is a lot more to Permaculture than just growing more food and less lawn (although that's part of it!). It is driven by ethics and principles that move us toward a new way of life rooted in the rhythms and language of the natural world. In this section, we introduce the ethics, philosophy and principles that drive permaculture and explore how they shift the rhythms of our daily lives. We touch on the personal, spiritual and practical aspects of moving toward a life of abundance. 

Part 2: Growing Your Food (about 50% of Class Material)

One of the most important insights Permaculture has to offer is with regard to recreating local food systems based around the average person providing much of their own food needs from their own property and sharing the surplus. In this class we explore design principles and techniques to create an abundance of plant and animal based food. 

Part 3: Regenerative Pathways (about 20% of Class Material) 

Permaculture design can give us wisdom into restoring landscapes and even whole communities. We take some time to explore the broader implications of permaculture for healing landscapes and communities. We will look at examples of what permaculture can do on broader acreage and in local communities. 


$45 per person

The Permaculture Cohort

Based on interest we will be offering a year long permaculture cohort. Each season we will meet on-site for a full day of classroom instruction and hands on demonstration intended to equip students with what they need to live a life filled with an abundance of food and community, regardless of their life situation. 

The cohort learning environment is intended to take a small group of students through an entire year together. Learning happens in community, through the shared wisdom and curiosity of everybody involved. 

Permaculture Foundations is a pre-requisite for the Permaculture Cohort unless you have prior permaculture training. 

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Sign up by e-mailing us to confirm your spot (or filling out the form below). Payment will be taken on the day of the class. Cash or check only. Please let us know at least 24 hours in advance if you are unable to attend. No children or pets please. The farm is also a no-smoking zone. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your place in the class along with information specific to possible materials needed. Thanks for learning with us! 

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