Our Friends

Ravenna Farms

Our friends Scott and Amanda are two of our beloved livestock mentors. They take animal husbandry and heritage livestock conservation very seriously. They run a hatchery in the Vancouver area of SW Washington and we highly recommend their stock. They are an excellent hatchery for poultry of all sorts.  If you live in the area, check them out! www.ravennafarms.com.

Dandelion Dreams Farm

Our friends Nicholas and Julia with Dandelion Dreams Farm have great knowledge and experience coupled with curious minds and eagerness to learn about almost everything. We value their partnership, inspiration and guidance and are looking forward to some expanding partnership opportunities in the near future. Check them out and keep your eyes open for their involvement here at Out of Ashes! 

Forest Edge Vineyard

Forest Edge Vineyard is a local winery managed using permaculture ethics and principles. You can read about our visit to their farm and their incredible vineyard here, and you can learn more from their website here. We can attest to the quality of their vino. 

School of Permaculture

Nicholas Burtner with School of Permaculture is a force for good in the Permaculture community. For a few years now, he has been consistently releasing useful content for those trying to build resilient and abundant food systems. C

Jago Silver 

Jago is one of our favorite children's illustrators. We had the immense honor of having him design our logo as well! He and his family live in Cornwall. Check out all of his amazing work and buy his prints and books! jagoillustration.com.

Highland Glenn Ranch

Tom and Krystal are the breeders of our beloved farm dogs Tavish and Seamus. In addition to English Shepherds, they are committed to stewarding several heritage livestock on their beautiful ranch in northern Washington. Check them out and learn all about natural rearing and raw feeding from them too!  http://www.highlandglennranch.com/

Fritz Liedtke

Fritz is our good friend and internationally recognized photographer. He has the rare ability to do fantastic commercial work and incredible fine art photography at the same time! Weddings, portraits, business and more. Check him out: www.fritzphoto.com