Permaculture Design/Consultation Intake

If you are considering Permaculture design or consultation, please fill out the following intake so we can get a clear idea of where you're at and where you want to be. If you're not sure yet, that's ok, read about our approach to Permaculture design, take a look at the rest of the website, and/or get in touch to talk further about what you're looking for. Our one goal is to help you get to where you want to be! 


Luke and Allison 


Name *
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Are you interested in having us do a full design, hourly consultation, full or partial project implementation, or some combination?
Tell us about the layout, what you know of the historic use of the property, the soil condition, problem areas you've identified, etc.
i.e. Are there seasonal water flows, predator issues, or other particularities you've noticed about your property?
i.e. human resources and expertise, available equipment, already built systems, etc.
What are the normal patterns of your life that should be taken into consideration when designing your property? (i.e. do you work full time? Do you travel a lot? Will you be living on site or away? etc.)