The Gloucestershire Family

Adorable baby pigs, in case you missed that. 

Adorable baby pigs, in case you missed that. 

Today, we visited the breeder we intend to use when we get our first litter of Gloucestershire Old Spot hogs. We were quite pleased with the living space these beauties have been provided, along with the way they are fed and cared for. They get to wallow, eat the treats they find and sleep all cozied up together in a nice dry bed. They were one, very big, happy family.

This big boss here on the left, the man of the house, loved being petted and scratched behind his ears. He's about 450 pounds and rested up against Allison's leg, rubbing his head on her, hoping to get that one itch he's apparently always struggling to reach. 

These hogs are extremely gentle and sociable. That's what happens when you spend time with them, don't pen them up in a little muddy hole, and treat them just as you would want to be treated (maybe minus wallowing in mud). 

After our visit we were even more psyched about getting pigs in February. Our plan was to get maybe 4 of them, but after today, maybe a few more. Just a couple more. Certainly not more than 10. 

If you are interested in buying a whole or half hog from us next autumn, as heritage breeds take 6-8 months to grow out, start planning now! We will be taking deposits to reserve your place beginning in January. $75 for a half and $125 for a whole. This deposit will be deducted from the final per pound price. Numbers are literally limited so don't drag your feet too long!

If you have never ordered an animal this way, please feel free to ask questions about what to expect, how to save for it, etc. We will also post more info on the process over the next few months.