Simple and Sturdy Mobile Pig Shelter. Finally.

If you are going to raise pigs on pasture, and move them frequently, you have to solve the shelter problem. It's not something people talk about all that often, and as a result, I have had to sort of reinvent the wheel every time I go to build a new shelter after my other one is either destroyed, or just way too tedious to try to move. 

The above video describes the shelter I've landed on, and I think, based on the performance so far, this one is going to stick. 

For the build you will need the following: 

  • 2 12' 2X6's 
  • 2 8' 2x6's
  • 2 16' Cattle panels (cut down to acquire the desired height and strength). 
  • 2 strips of plywood cut to 6-8' and 6-8" wide. 
  • 2 8" (or larger) steel lawnmower wheels. 
  • 2 1/2"x4-6" Carriage Bolts (for the wheels)
  • 6 4-6" Carriage Bolts (To attach the plywood.)
  • 6 Corner Braces (could be anything)
  • 4-6" lag screws (thickness could vary)
  • Tarp, shade cloth, or other covering

The actual assembly is pretty straightforward and simple. The visual above should make it clear. 

This shelter should house 6-10 market hogs pretty comfortably (pigs like to sleep in piles). We do 1 shelter for about every 10 pigs. 

The below is what the shelter looks like in its winter paddock (before they go out to pasture) when covered with cut up 1-ton feed sacks. You could also use tarps, metal, shade cloth (in the heat of summer), some combination of those, or whatever seems to work.