Better Gifts From People We Love

It's really almost Christmas, and there are tons of things you could buy that are absolute trash. So instead of racing out the door at the last minute to pick out the least lame card you can find and a trinket of questionable origin, consider these possible gift ideas from friends of ours: 

Wonderful Pottery

As I write this I am drinking my coffee out of a mug made by Amy Williams. Her pottery is tastefully artistic, sturdy and we use it constantly. 

Unbelievable Illustrations

Jago Silver is a well known illustrator, mainly of children's books. He also designed our logo! You can buy any of his prints from his website. Perfect gifts for that child's room you're decorating, or really any room, because they are all so so good. 

Brilliant Photography

Fritz is our good friend and internationally recognized fine art photographer. He also does portraits and weddings and basically everything else. Save face and give a portrait. 

Epic Leather Works

Aaron Miller makes great leather goods. I have a satchel he made me for which I am frequently complimented. He also makes some pretty sweet leather handles for your mason jars so you can drink like a boss. Email him at and commission something! 

Life-Changing Classes

Clues that somebody in your life might need a permaculture class as a gift this Christmas:

1. They read ingredient labels.
2. They ferment anything they can get their hands on.
3. They have started buying produce from farmers markets. 
4. They look longingly at their yard and mumble about Kale. 
5. They know about Kale.