Farm Auction = Awesome

We went to a farm auction today. A Lavender farm was liquidating. They had greenhouses, ladders, hoses, seed trays, tools and a whole field of Lavender for sale. We made a killing and got that 14' orchard ladder above, an amazing plant rack for the bio-shelter we're building, hoses and more seed trays and pots than we will ever need.

That's all well and good, but the real story is that, as country pop music filled the background, we realized these are our people now:

The guy with the beard bid on just about everything. The auctioneer was awesome and referred to me as a man of large stature to goad me into bidding again. It worked; thus the ladder.  

Whenever I bid and the auctioneer missed me, there was this one guy that just yelled, "yeeeuuup!" and pointed at me. He didn't say anything else the entire time. 

This is Allison realizing this is our new life: 



We also met some young guys that just bought 75 acres right next to us to start a Permaculture farm. New friends!!