Our Animals

Commitment to Stewardship: 

We believe ourselves to be stewards of our animals rather than owners. We are committed to the highest level of sustainable and ethical animal treatment in the design of our housing structures, runs, pasture and in feeding and processing. We provide enough space for our animals to forage, run around and play. We love giving them treats as often as possible. 

Our animals are an incredibly important part of our permaculture ecosystem. In order to produce new fertile soil for our gardens, we rely on the high quality (and quantity) of manure all the animals produce. To help in pest control, our ducks devour slugs and our chickens love bugs. To prepare soils for planting, the chickens scratch and the pigs turn and graze the pasture, helping to facilitate a natural succession of forage. These and many other things make our animals invaluable in having a healthy farm system with a low energy audit. 


We proudly give our chickens, ducks and pigs a combination of Non-GMO, No Spray, No Corn, No Soy Feed, and forage of vegetation, bugs and slugs. 


Our laying birds (ducks and chickens) live in permanent housing with a fully enclosed run attached to protect from their many predators. We built them houses that some of our friends have said they wouldn't mind living in themselves.

Our hogs are sheltered in mobile shelters. 


Red Wattle.jpeg

The Pigs

We are one of the worlds few breeders of Glouchestershire Old Spot pigs. They are an endangered heritage breed originating in England. To read more about them, check here. 

Ancona Ducks 

Ancona's are a gorgeous and critically endangered breed of duck. They are a heritage breed believed to originate in England. They originally only came in black and white, but now can be found with mottled brown and lavender and silver more rarely. 

Ancona's are fantastic foragers, layers and meat birds. They also love slugs and pooping. All these characteristics make them an extremely valuable part of a healthy, sustainable ecosystem. 

The Maudes 

Read the story of how our chickens got their name's. 


Dorkings are an endangered heritage breed. They are considered to be one of the oldest domesticated chicken breeds (evidenced by their 5 toes instead of the usual 4), originating in the Roman Empire. They were one of the first breeds to come to England. The hens are silver grey with looser feathering than you see in most chickens. They are good foragers, layers and meat birds. 


This is a heritage bird considered to be the oldest American breed originating during the colonial period. In the 50's they were considered to be almost extinct, but have made a bit of a comeback and are now on the "watch" list. They have a beautiful striped pattern, similar to the more common Barred Rock, at times causing confusion. They are good foragers, layers and meat birds that tend to have a calm demeanor.