About Out of Ashes

The name of our farm, and our logo, are expressions of our story, and of the way we think about the work of stewarding the earth. We believe that life comes out of death and abundance from the grips of scarcity. The world itself tells this story. 

We moved out to a little farm in Redland, Or, without really knowing what we were doing. We are still just fellow learners. As time has gone, we have gained greater clarity about the shape our farm is taking, and how we want to serve the ends of local ecological farming. 

Our focus is on water-harvesting systems, soil building, perennial poly-cultures and small animal production systems. We breed pigs and raise them for meat harvest, chickens and ducks for eggs, and set all of that in the context of fruit, nut and berry production. Our system is still quite young, but already beginning to take shape.


Allison Cirillo

Allison is the lead gardener and designer for Out of Ashes and works there full-time. She received her permaculture design certification through Geoff Lawton and the Permaculture Research Institute. She is passionate about restoring the landscape and producing an abundance of food, peace and community through the application of permaculture ethics, principles and techniques. 

Luke Cirillo

Luke is the chief farm hand and builder of various things at Out of Ashes. He is part-time with Out of Ashes, spending his other hours at his city job. He is a teacher and relationship builder who sees the power of ethical food production for restoring landscapes, local food systems and community connections.